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Benefiting your Business from Picasa Album


Looking forward to sharing your images on Picasa to create a business impression? Use the plethora of applications available out there to get your tagged images linked via blogs and websites to add more depth to your snaps and business. YNG Media uses this SEO tools to the hilt to make sure your visitors reach you immediately via Picasa images. Make the most of your album now as we make them work to your advantage.

Before we get to use this tool to your business venture, here’s a look at some of the many benefits of using Picasa:

  • You get enough page load time
  • Helps you with bandwidth and storage reduction
  • Easy way of adding geo – location to raise your local search engine rankings
  • Better search engine presence for your images on the web
  • You can easily create slide shows
  • Images can be shared socially – another way to connect with people

How it Should be Done and Where We Help!

When you are creating the file name in Picasa you often end up with a gobbledygook serial number. It is suggested you use words that describe your profile of work and speak about what and where your business is located with clarity. This is the best way to get your audience to know about your work on Google in just a click. The file name of your album should match closely with keyword phrases that users are submitting to the search engines in order to find your type of company. We help you achieve this without you having to spend time in looking for the right keywords.

An interesting tool around the corner now is the Schemas protocol. This has been launched by Google, Bing and Yahoo and helps you tag your images better. It uses a method for marking up web pages so that search engines can more precisely understand content. When you use Picasa for SEO, this tool helps a great deal in getting your audience to your business. We help you understand the tool better and work with it to get you maximum traffic.

When you use a large number of links that lead to the same URL, your account can fall under the “misused” category. This is why it’s important to scatter a few links here and there. YNG Media helps you achieve this effectively. We add some links around your text that is relevant to your website but the text should not appear to be ‘selling’ anything.

Helping you achieve targets with Picasa, we use Google in sync with your business strategy.




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