An all-round ERP system

Accelerate your business and boost your operational efficiency using the most modern ERP system brought to you by YNG media.

ERP Improves Productivity

To help you save a ton of time and effort, YNG brings to you an ERP system that automates your tasks so that you can focus on what your business needs most. With less on your plate to manage, you can get more out of your time. With a real-time view of data, you can make important observations about our brand’s performance and make informed decisions.

ERP Improves Collaboration

ERP system brings all the data related to your business in one place, thereby bridging the communication gap between different departments or branches. This improves collaboration, streamlines work efficiency, and reduces delays in critical decision-making.

ERP Development Gives you Centralized Information

An efficient ERP system such as the one provided by YNG media ensures a centralized system where information about products, sales and customers is available. Using this data, the sales managers can easily map out ways to serve their clients better and improve the organization’s marketing campaign.


Features of ERP

  • Common database containing information about different departments
  • Automation of tedious tasks like invoice, payroll, order entry, invoicing, etc.
  • Effective data analysis to help you identify problems and work on them asap.
  • CRM tool to help you to keep customer-related information in one place, enabling sales force to notice trends and loopholes in their marketing campaign.

Clients Served

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